IT & People

IT & People:
Connecting people and IT.

IT & People

IT & People:
Connecting people and IT.



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Hardly any other IT company offers you this! 

Any plan can grind to a halt. Because the people involved can't agree, because staff members join or leave the team, because there is a shortage of new ideas. Machines can be programmed, but people's behaviour is unpredictable. We use organisational and human resources development approaches to tackle frictions immediately and agree suitable measures with you. Bringing together IT expertise and people management skills is a competence unique to SPI. No need to call in a third party who would need time to familiarise himself or herself with the background. Your project will quickly take off again with SPI at your side! 


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IT and People

The elements of our IT & People portfolio:


How can I get different people and opinions together?

Meetings are frequently dominated by people who talk a lot. Self-aggrandisement, lack of objectivity and misunderstandings mean that the ideas put forward by the "quieter" people are brushed aside and few actual outcomes are reached. Everyone involved gets frustrated.


Moderation is a method of facilitating group work. The moderator helps the group develop content in a focused manner on its own initiative, ensures that everyone gets a fair chance to speak, and assists with the generation of new ideas. The moderator structures, emphasises, questions, summarises and keeps records. All participants are jointly responsible for the results because these were jointly agreed. SPI ensures that meetings progress in an increasingly more disciplined and constructive manner. The external moderation can then be gradually withdrawn in agreement with you. If you require, we can also provide staff training in moderation methods so that they can later take the place of SPI's experts.



How can I find a new solution to a problem? 

There are some topics that keep people going in circles until they reach a dead end. This is where coaching can help. Metaphorically speaking, coaching helps you pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

Coaching is all about developing the ability to learn autonomously. It's about discovering your own resources and using them to develop strategies and measures that enable you to achieve more success. In short: helping people help themselves. As coaches, we guide you through the coaching process by providing appropriate stimuli for reflection. In this way, the people being coached can select their own goal for change, achieve it and sustain it by themselves.


Team development

How do I turn my people into a good team?

Everybody gets on well, but there are constant sources of friction and the team never seems to really get started.

Team development breaks down resistance and turns a department into a real team.

A team is invariably defined by a common work process. It's important to coordinate roles, tasks, dependencies and competences. Is a new employee joining the team? A team development unit designed by SPI helps ensure that he or she is integrated quickly and the team gathers even more momentum!


Creative workshop

How do I develop new ideas?

Quite often, no real progress is made with important topics because they somehow have to be fitted around the company's day-to-day business. And new ideas don't always appear during the coffee break. Creativity doesn't strike on demand, but it can be fostered. For example with a creative workshop.

  • During a workshop, a group works intensively on a defined topic outside their regular work. An SPI moderator can offer various creative methods to motivate participants to break away from their customary trains of thought. These methods can be traditional or experimental, depending on the subject and target group. Haptic elements can be used alongside changes in situation. The extensive experience that our workshop leaders have at their fingertips means that they can react flexibly to events within the group and adapt their planning and methods accordingly. Workshops are a good idea at various stages of the project: when getting started, developing strategies, setting goals, analysing needs, working out content, generating new approaches, evaluating the project and much more. SPI offers the right workshop concept for every requirement!



Conflict management


How can I settle differences fairly and constructively?

They simmer under the surface or are fought out in the open: conflicts. In the early stages, they "merely" create a bad atmosphere. At their worst, they can even cause operations to grind to a halt.

Recognising and actively resolving conflicts at an early stage is critical. SPI works with you to analyse the time factors, values and dependencies involved in the conflict and acts as a mediator in conflict talks. Conflict prevention is also essential to make sure that nobody starts making mountains out of molehills yet again...


Potential analysis

How can I find out what motivates my co-workers?

Why do people pay for full-time staff yet use only half of their potential? Motives and values govern our behaviour and are the biggest "black box" in the company's structure. SPI brings light into the darkness with analytical tools such as the "MotivationPotentialAnalysis".

The results give you a foundation that you can use to discuss motives and motivation with your colleagues. Understanding your own motives and those of your colleagues is essential for effective management. You can also use your knowledge about motivation potential – i.e. how much power each motive can generate – for personnel recruitment, team development and advanced training.


Job design

How do I design a new position?

Sooner or later, every company reaches a point at which it has to create a job that didn't previously exist. A job profile has to be developed so that the recruitment process can get under way. A job description is needed internally so that everybody knows what the person appointed will be responsible for.

We work with you to formulate job goals and responsibilities, and clarify how the position can be integrated into the organisational chart. SPI helps you with checklists and templates so that the time needed can be reduced to a minimum. We also have plenty of tips on announcing the new position within the company.



How can I see whether a staff member will fit into our team?

Everybody tries to show their best side during interviews. It's relatively easy to find out how well qualified an applicant is. However, the longevity of an appointment depends on whether the person appointed finds sufficient motivation in the workplace and whether his or her values coincide with the company's. Most people know what motivates them and what is important to them, but they often find it difficult to put this into words.

SPI can help with a "MotivationPotentialAnalysis". Considering the interviewee's MPA score during an interview enables you to go deep and find out how well the "whole" person meets your requirements.


Project mentoring

How can I avoid project management traps?

These days, almost everything is a "project" – but good project management has to be learnt. There are a whole lot of traps waiting for newly appointed project managers; however, these can be avoided with project mentoring.

As part of its project mentoring service, SPI works with you to develop a project management system that matches your company's size, attributes and plans. We act as sparring partners for your project managers and train them as needed, e.g. in moderation and presentation techniques.




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