Software and Consulting for the Sheet Metal Industry

Our specialist software and consultancy services for the sheet metal industry will boost your productivity and satisfaction.

Software and Consulting for the Sheet Metal Industry | SPI GmbH

Shortage of skilled employees?

Good software is part of the solution!

Our specialized software and consulting services will help you to tap into your team’s full potential, streamline routine activities, and wipe out time-consuming inefficiencies.

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Say goodbye to cumbersome software and tedious workflows. We will show you how!

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Our software delivers industry-proven functionality to ensure the continuity of your process chain.

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Change management is less daunting with the right guide. We will be by your side.

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Your tools should empower your business. We will create a solution that is the perfect fit for you.




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SPI Solutions for Sheet Metal Fabricators

We develop processes that drive your work

Get support from a specialist who has been working in the sheet metal industry for over 40 years. A partner who advises you pragmatically and sensibly. Who combines your existing software with modern applications and connects them via interfaces.

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How we work

A successful partnership

While we appreciate the flexibility of videoconferencing, we like to get to know you and your business on-site. When it comes to providing services, competence, and trust are essential. The introduction of new software or a change in work processes is always a transformation.

We will accompany you through the changes. We will listen, observe, and ask questions. Always in the interests of your business, because your satisfaction counts!

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„Without the SPI solution, we would not have this level of automation in the process chain, from the design to the programming and the manufacture of parts. This also has an impact on turnaround times – and, of course, on our costs and the offers we can make to our customers.“

Fatih Yüksel

Head of Design and Development, WALSER+CO.AG

„As the person responsible for process optimisation, I am very satisfied with SPI’s performance: Consulting, delivery, and installation have been flawless. The SPI staff are highly motivated, available at short notice, unbureaucratic, and highly competent.“

Thomas Unger

Head of Work Preparation, Project Development, and Process Optimisation, Röhrig GmbH & Co. KG

Our values

Impartial consulting

We are not beholden to any particular product or provider, thus we are able to give you objective and transparent advice. As an owner-managed business, we have no obligations to a parent company or shareholders.

This allows us to fully focus on your business and make recommendations that will really help you.

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