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Our specialist software and consultancy services for the sheet metal industry will boost your productivity and satisfaction.

Unbiased and personalized.

SPI IT consulting for the sheet metal industry | Picture: Bending of a sheet metal part

As a business owner in the metal sheet industry, you likely know first-hand: finding skilled employees is more challenging than ever. This jeopardizes quality, response time, and on-time deliveries – leading to diminishing returns.

If the current staff is meanwhile bogged down by tedious and repetitive tasks, there is also a drop in motivation.

Escape the vicious cycle and take a top-down view of your business with our help.

Together, we’ll untangle the multitude of your challenges!


Process automation consulting


Support for software selection and customization

Technical and professional consulting

and more…

SPI Consulting

IT consulting for sheet metal professionals

You know SPI as an expert consultant for the sheet metal process chain. But our team also includes process advisors and consultants who specialize in advising senior management.


Consultancy offer for sheet metal fabricators

Whether it’s technical know-how, industry expertise, or business insights: our consulting has got you covered.

Let us connect and explore how we can benefit your business!

Free of charge and non-binding

I place my utmost trust in the experts from SPI who’ve stood by us as process advisors over the years.

Bernd Flatzek

Project Manager, Keller Group

The SPI services

We untangle the multitude of your challenges


We evaluate your infrastructure and processes to identify areas of concern and pressing demands.


We identify potentials and help you prioritize the measures that are most beneficial for you.


We develop solutions tailored to your situation while adhering to time, budget, and quality constraints.


We accompany the implementation and equip you and your employees with the necessary competencies.

Individual consulting

Unbiased and personalized

As an independent, owner-managed company with no manufacturer or supplier obligations, we can truly offer you unbiased advice. It is of utmost importance to us that we only deliver recommendations tailored specifically to you.

Let us know how we can assist your business!

I personally value the building of an authentic trust-based relationship with my clients. Since SPI is fully independent, I never have to make recommendations that I can’t stand behind.

Alexander Dasy

Senior Consultant

What can we do for you?

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