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Online Training

Online training sessions especially for our SPI SheetMetal customers.

SPI Online Training

Our Online Courses

The training offers apply to both SPI SheetMetal Inventor and SPI SheetMetalWorks. Functionalities marked with an * are currently only available in SPI SheetMetalWorks.

SheetMetal Basic Training: Part I

2 Days | 3 x 2,5 hours each


  • Online installation of the SPI SheetMetal version on the customer PC (admin rights required)
  • Instructions for filling the SPI material database with customer-specific bending shortening data
  • Instructions for filling the SPI tool database with customer-specific punching and forming tools
  • Presentation of a customer vision of a digital process chain from design to production
  • SPI SheetMetal Wizard, unfold parameters, unfold parameter sets
  • Unfolding of parts, solid bodies, variants, and assemblies
  • Unfolding of imported customer data
  • Output formats for CAM programming, including DXF, Bystronic DXF, Schröder DXF,
    Trump GEO, WiCAM XML, STEP*
  • SPI CAD Viewer for displaying DXF, GEO, XML data including measuring function and display of file properties
  • SPI productivity concept – simplified modelling approaches
  • Creating flat patterns for cutting machines that include desired content such as markings, laser or punching characteristics, and file properties
  • Creating flat patterns for bending machines with corresponding preferential tools per bending machine, in particular also for Schröder folding machines
  • SPI Component Manager

SheetMetal Basic Training: Part II

1 day | 3 x 2,5 hours | 6-8 weeks after Part I


  • Training content according to customer specifications – customer questions are the focus
  • Transfer of tool ID or machining pattern to TRUMPF TruTops Punch or to WICAM PN 4000 (macros) programming system
  • Creation of replacement geometries in the unfolding process, including square, hexagon, slotted hole, center point
  • Integrating customer parts into the SPI Component Manager

Update Training for SPI SheetMetal

1 day | 2 x 2,5 hours per skipped version


  • New functions, concepts, and working methods
  • Answering customer inquiries

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