News About our Support Hours and Licenses during the Coronavirus Crisis

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31. March 2020

In these weeks, we hope more than ever that you are well. As we say in Germany, stay healthy!

The global pandemic has brought about many changes for all of us. Therefore, working together to find forward-looking solutions is particularly important. We listen to your inquiries and have adapted our offers accordingly.

Our support and availability remain the same…

…and are now ensured from home office.

Our employees have had the opportunity to work independently of their location already for several years. As a result, we are well-versed in modern communication and collaboration tools for smooth remote work. This enables our entire team to fully meet our obligations.

However, there are certain limitations for our sales representatives that currently apply to everyone.

Introduction of software rental licenses

You or your employees would also like to work from home, but the design software is installed only on work computers?

We would like to help and have introduced a limited time offer for rental licenses of our SheetMetal software. These licenses can be installed locally on home workstations and thus used independently of internet traffic.

The SPI SheetMetal Solutions team is there for you. Get in touch with us and find out how we can support you!


Phone: +49 4102 70 60