New Release: SheetMetalWorks 2019

SheetMetalWorks 2019 release

24. January 2019

Our CAD team has been hard at work to bring you the 2019 version of SheetMetalWorks – our sheet metal design and unfolding add-in for Solidworks. Contact us for your download link!

What’s new in Solidworks 2019?

The big Solidworks 2019 release event earlier this year caused a lot of excitement in the CAD community. And with good reason, as the newest version comes with quite a few useful new functions and improvements.

Those using Solidworks to design sheet metal parts, will be particularly interested in the new ability to link materials and sheet metal parameters, as well as in the enhancement to the Tab and Slot tool. Furthermore, the Solidworks Model-Based Definition (MDB) outputs now capture sheet metal bend notes, flat patterns, and bend tables.

You can read more about Solidworks 2019 here (PDF).

Get to know SheetMetalWorks 2019

Not only is SheetMetalWorks 2019 perfectly compatible with Solidworks 2019, it also comes with quite a few improvements. Here’s a few selected features that we’re certain will make your design and manufacturing process smoother:

  • Machine-dependent unfold parameters for a component. This makes it possible to, e.g., define a DXF with activated bending lines for a bending machine and a DXF without bending lines for a laser machine, and genate both files simultaneously.
  • The unfold target STEP now supports the output of forming, holes in bends, and flanges in holes.
  • Faster loading sheet metal assistant.
  • Improved alignment of manufacturing information texts both in output and preview.

Would you like to find out more or to download SheetMetalWorks 2019?

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