Release: SheetMetalWorks 2022

SheetMetalWorks 2019 release

28. February 2022

We are pleased to introduce SPI SheetMetalWorks 2022. Contact our support team to download the latest version of our sheet metal add-in for Solidworks.

New Features in SheetMetalWorks 2022

Alongside adjustments to Solidworks 2022, the new version brings some notable time-saving enhancements.

A new function that will save many users several work steps is the automatic creation of three drawing views including fully dimensioned unfolding. Where in the past everything from the setting of sheet formats to the measuring of dimensions had to be done manually, now all it takes is the push of a button. With the new unfolding target “Standard 3 Views”, the drawing views and the unfolding are automatically generated and dimensioned. The preferred sheet formats can be defined as favorites and then automatically used for the creation of further drawings.

Several improvements pertain to our output formats. For instance, an extension of the STEP output functionality to include manufacturing geometries enables 3D modification of geometries. The optional WiCAM XML output now supports roller beading tools. And the enhancements to the GEO output improve the transfer of tool and manufacturing information to the TRUMPF TruTops Boost CAM System.

Improvements in the Optional Modules

Our cost calculation add-on, the SPI SheetMetal Calculator, has been upgraded to enable more complex bending cost calculations that support various bending parameters and formulas. Other updates include various feature adjustments and support for additional machine manufacturers.

The SPI CAD Viewer has also received feature enhancements, most notably, the ability to add DataMatrix and QR codes to the sheet metal part.

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