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Calculate the cost of your product in real-time. Based on the estimation, you can explore alternatives, for example, calculate the cost of choosing another material.

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Calculating costs in real-time

There are many variables that play a role in the price calculation. In addition to machine costs and runtime, other parameters can be labor costs, energy costs, machining, as well as other specific surcharges. 3D CAD models can be analyzed and linked with information about materials and machines, including hourly rates with fabrication parameters from pre-defined rule-sets.

Our software offers several calculation solutions especially for sheet metal fabricators. The SPI SheetMetal Calculator is an add-on that is directly coupled to the SPI sheet metal software. You will receive a rule-based cost calculation of your product in real-time. Based on the estimation, you can explore alternatives and calculate what the costs would be, for example, if you decided to use another material or to manufacture your product on another machine.

Rule-based calculation

The calculation specifications are defined and implemented for each company individually. The rule-set encompasses all manufacturing facilities, material information, as well as other calculation bases of your business. The result of the calculation is displayed in clear tables next to your model at the touch of a button. No additional inputs needed.

With the individually definable rule-set, even complex calculations can be carried out efficiently and transparently. Cost reductions through cheaper component variants, replacement of cost drivers with more economical alternatives, even manufacturing locations can be taken into account. This way, the actual costs or the lower price limits can be determined at any time.

Different sets of rules can be defined for the fabrication machines used – including location-dependent rules – and incorporated in the cost calculation. The automatic calculation saves considerable time for creating rule-based cost offers, thus reducing the surcharge for operating costs and lowering the overall price. The best price is no longer wishful thinking. It’s calculable.

Benefits for you

Continuity in the process chain

Rule-based calculation at the press of a button

Identifying alternatives in real-time

Up-to-date overview of costs at all times

Try it out for yourself!