New Features: SPI CAD Viewer 2021

Release SPI CAD Viewer 2021

16. June 2021

The new release of CAD Viewer brings important new features developed in close cooperation with our customers. Contact the SPI support team to download the new version of the CAD Viewer.

More than a Viewer

The SPI CAD Viewer is an application for quick viewing of GEO- and WiCAM XML files. It is a practical tool for checking manufacturing data during design, pre-production, and even sales.

In response to customer requests, CAD Viewer 2021 has been extended to include functions that facilitate communication between design and manufacturing. It is now possible to apply both text and barcode to the sheet metal part, either for engraving, laser cutting, or punching.

The text function allows user-defined text to be placed anywhere on the sheet metal part. Both the size and the rotation of the text can be easily adjusted.

The barcode function offers the possibility to add a DataMatrix code or a QR code to the sheet metal part. The exact size, diameter, and spacing of the pixels of the code can either be saved as a preset or set individually for each code. The barcodes can contain any text information and can be easily scanned throughout the manufacturing process.

Thanks to these new features, CAD Viewer 2021 is more than a tool for viewing GEO and WiCAM XML files: it now also allows you to attach manufacturing-relevant information to sheet metal parts.

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