New Release: SheetMetalWorks 2021

SheetMetalWorks 2019 release

3. March 2021

We are glad to introduce SPI SheetMetalWorks 2021 with valuable new features and enhancements. Contact our support team to download the latest version of our sheet metal add-in for Solidworks.

Improved Handling of Multibody Parts

The new 2021 release includes significant improvements to SheetMetalWorks’ multibody capabilities.

The Sheet Metal Wizard can now assign information such as material data, tool information, and manufacturing radius to all bodies at once. The assignment of the visible side and starting edge is done automatically. If adjustments are required, they can be made with just a few clicks.

The new function “Create unfolding of all bodies” makes it possible to simultaneously generate the flat patterns of all solids of the multibody part in the file formats of your choice.

Extend Your Installation with New Modules

The functionality of SheetMetalWorks 2021 can now be extended with two new optional modules. Each requires a separate license.

Schröder Interface – an addition to our range of CAM interfaces. SPI supplies the necessary data for programming with the POS 3000 control software to control pivoting bending machines from Hans Schröder Maschinenbau.

SheetMetal Calculator – our powerful cost calculation add-on. It enables a rule-based calculation of the costs of your sheet metal parts and assemblies in real-time. The total calculation can include a variety of configurable parameters, such as material and machine costs, run times, different work steps, hourly rates, energy costs, overhead, mark-ups, and more.

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