Video Series: Get to Know SPI SheetMetal Solutions

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22. July 2019

Throughout the sheet metal process chain, you need a reliable data basis that consistently links design, programming, and production. From considering manufacturing data already during design to data-rich outputs that flawlessly link CAD and CAM, the right software combination will save you both time and money.

Our new video series will showcase several features of SPI sheet metal software that will help you achieve such a seamless process chain with no need for reworking between steps or manufacturing practice parts.

An integral part of both SheetMetalWorks and SheetMetal Inventor, these tried-and-true functions will save you time and effort in designing, unfolding, and manufacturing sheet metal parts.

First up is learning tool recognition: a function most useful for those who frequently work with imported sheet metal parts.

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Video Series Part 1: Learning Tool Recognition

Up Next

In our next video you will learn more about the ways SPI SheetMetal Solutions can help to link your CAD and CAM processes.